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Ultimate Travel: Small Group Journeys by Private Jet

Visit the world’s most desirable destinations, iconic sites and hard to reach areas in a way that is reserved for the most discerning travelers: by private jet. 

Guests travel in comfort and efficiency with direct access to regional airports, all but eliminating the need entirely for commercial air.  Town & Country Travel has distinguished partners to help create either a private custom itinerary, or for travelers to join a small group journey.

A small selection of options are below for inspiration, but to find the partners that are most suitable to you, please call Town & Country Travel to speak with a professional Travel Advisor. (805) 495-9888.

TCS World Travel

The TCS flagship journey is their Around the World program. Guests see the world’s most iconic sites in one itinerary in roughly 3 weeks. Logistics are minimized so time spent enjoying is optimal.

Abercrombie & Kent

A&K has a diverse luxury travel portfolio that takes guests to all nooks & crannies of the earth – by land, sea and air. One of their unique signature programs is the Around the World Wildlife Safari, focusing on the planet’s exotic diversity.

Let’s Connect

A private jet experience requires expert consultation and deep product knowledge. Our travel advisors are skilled at finding the travel experience that is most suitable for you. Contact Town & Country Travel for more information on this or any dream vacation at (805) 495-9888, or email

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