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Dreaming and Planning for When Travel Returns

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By Heidi Creed, Town & Country Travel

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” ~ Muhammad Ali

Go ahead, keep dreaming big. We are!

As a local small business who has operated through – and risen above – significant hardships like 9-11, wars, and the recession, Town & Country Travel knows that the best way through this is to be ready for what life might look like “on the other side”. Our team is using this time to sharpen our relationships with our partners and clients, digging deep to explore how to make the most of our new reality.

We know many things will be forever changed, yet we believe some changes will be for the better. Among them: Experts anticipate more sanitary spaces, more flexible reservation policies, and a focus on more meaningful travel (perhaps less frequent, and more deliberate).

Below are a few suggestions to help you with dreaming and planning for when travel returns. The savvy travelers will be the ones who are most well-prepared with their priorities when the world opens back up!

How can you be ready when that time to travel returns?

Go beyond your bucket list… we’d like to encourage you to think hard, not only on the places you want to visit, but the experiences you want to have.  Focus on your hobbies, your passions and what makes you happy when you travel.  This is a good idea because it might unearth some destinations you never even considered. 

Think about your upcoming life milestones…do you have milestone birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or retirement coming up in the next 1-2 years?  This is the perfect time to start planning, while your options and availability are abundant.

Prioritize your list…think about your health, budget and vacation time.  What are the trips you need to take soonest, and what can wait?  Lay these out in one, two, and five-year “buckets”.

Bring the world home… learn the language of a country you wish to visit. Experiment with ethnic dishes. Stream international music and films. It’s not the same as being there, but it’s the next best thing and should be enough to keep you dreaming.

Consult a travel advisor…now of course we’re biased on this one. The reality is that we may  have ideas you never considered. And ways to make your travel experiences better than you imagined.  We have relationships with the best in the leisure travel industry, and  we will be your partner in fulfilling your short and long-term travel goals.  This includes our ability to match your wishes with the very best values our hotel, cruise and land partners offer.

The Power of Travel

We believe that travel has incredible healing powers.  It is unique in its ability to transform lives, stimulate economies, open minds,  and inspire people to “go, see and do”.    Returning to normalcy with travel at the soonest opportunity will not only satisfy the soul, but will get our world up and running again.   

If recent events have taught us anything (besides to be a better handwasher!), it is that life and time are precious. We encourage you to use this time as an opportunity to refresh and be a thoughtful planner when it comes to thinking about your travel hopes and dreams.  The world is going to open back up for exploration, and we want you to be ready!

To connect with a Town & Country travel advisor, contact (805) 495-9888 or email  You may also complete the form below. We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s our team working from home, in some of the many ways that looks!

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