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A ‘Ridiculously Fun’ Trip!


Freckly, pasty skinned, blue-eyed, red headed people generally don’t have any business taking trips that involve bright warm sun when there is a darn near WORLD of other options that don’t require so much ‘exposure’.  But as someone who craves active travel, how could I resist the invitation to water-sport my way along on the shores of the Yucatan peninsula’s turquoise waters, with promises of coming home feeling rejuvenated?  Naturally I had to say “hola!” to Club Med Cancun Yucatan.  I do have super cute swim shirts and an array of big hats, after all….

Activities Galore!

It turns out that this was one of our best family trips ever.  We stretched our comfort zones by trying new activities (trapeze anyone?!), and hopped all over the resort from one beach or water sport activity to the next over four days that went by way too fast.

We even spent a half day visiting Chichen Itza, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the “seven new wonders of the modern world“.  This excursion gave the trip great balance by mixing in some culture and history, which always makes one appreciate a destination more. Those Mayans were genius, and my kids are still sharing with their friends all they learned.  Our guide had them riveted like a living storybook.

While that excursion wasn’t included, it was arranged through the Club Med excursion desk, and we were home in time to squeeze in some (more) snorkeling, sailing, and water skiing – all included activities – before the sunset.  Which we enjoyed while partaking in a fabulous Mexican wine tasting.  Yes, fabulous.


How are the accommodations?


Jade, the newly renovated luxury space

The accommodations at Club Med Cancun, while modest for the most part, are all spacious and comfortable.  Room views are either of the reef, ocean or lagoon.

The JADE section (pictured here) offers more exclusive luxury,  a boutique hotel experience within the property.  Jade features a private pool, beach access and premium alcohol.  It is also well situated near all of the resort’s activities.

Why Club Med?

For travelers who enjoy being active and are looking for a fun getaway, there is a TON of value in a Club Med vacation, especially when traveling with groups or families.  No complicated logistics, no making cost-based excursion decisions, no haggling over who’s picking up the bar tab, or discovering at check-out how many pina coladas your kids (or you for that matter!) actually ordered.

Club Med has one of the highest return/loyalty rates in the industry, and I can see why.   The ease and convenience is its own form of luxury.   We snorkeled with sting rays on the world’s second largest reef, and made friends while shaking out the jitters at the trapeze…  And we rested. We did, I promise!  Because we didn’t have to sort out activity or dining logistics we had plenty of time to enjoy that powdery white sand beach and simply soak in the surroundings too.  It is not a boozy, raucous spring break scene as is the cliche with traditional all inclusive resort experiences. It’s built for playing.

And guess what else?  Not a device in sight – except for picture taking.

If you’d like more information on this – or any other adventure – shoot me a message:, or give us a call at +1 (805) 495-9888.  It is not only our job but our passion at Town & Country to help make your vacation dreams come true.


One comment on “A ‘Ridiculously Fun’ Trip!

  1. Diane Theis
    November 20, 2018

    Heidi, I am so proud of you and this article! You have convinced me that maybe a CLUB MED vacation is just what I NEED… and wouldn’t it be fun to do an extnded family too????


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