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How is Yacht Cruising Different?

When it comes to sailing, think beyond the size of the ship. Yes, yachts are small (less than 150 passengers) which allows them to visit the most unspoiled beaches, fjords and alcoves that the larger ships can’t visit. But the yachting experience is entirely about the authentic and luxurious life at sea: water sports, flexible itineraries, intimate ships, sleeping under the stars, high-touch service, and in same cases, learning how to sail.

The yachting is ideal for couples, friends, and typically adult guests, however there are options to charter your own yacht for a fully private experience with guests of all ages.

There are several yacht cruise or sailing options available, and our travel advisors are skilled at finding the travel experience that is most suitable for you. Contact Town & Country Travel for more information at (805) 495-9888, or email 

Click here for inspiration, or see below, a selection of our top lines who offer a yachting experience.

A selection of our preferred yacht sailing options:


The Wind Star, a sleek, 4-masted sailing ship in the Windstar cruise line fleet accommodates 148 guests. Our favorite amenity is the water sports platform, that when anchored, drops right off the back of the boat. Click here to explore more about Windstar.


With a motto that says “it’s yachting, not cruising” you catch on quickly SeaDream does things differently. Their signature Caviar & Champagne beach experience is just one indulgence you will remember forever. A night under the stars in the Balinese Dream Bed is another. Click here to learn more about SeaDream.

Star Clippers

Informal elegance combines with a true sailing experience. The luxury here comes with the authenticity of Star Clippers sailing heritage, for example guests can learn knot tying and navigation – or how to make a great drink at the bar! Click here to learn more about Star Clippers.

The Moorings

The Moorings offers Yacht Charters and All Inclusive crewed yachts throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Latin America, and the exotics of Asia and the South Pacific. Ideal for celebrations travel, and groups of friends or family traveling together wanting an ultimate private sailing experience. Click here to learn more about The Moorings.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Contact us to speak with one of our travel advisors to find the best experience for you.

For more information on yacht sailing or any other ultimate travel experiences, please contact our esteemed travel advisors at Town & Country Travel:  (805) 495-9888 or email

We believe that travel should be anything but ordinary!

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