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7 Travel Tips for Happy Trips

However awe-inspiring travel can be, it is no secret that it can be tough.  Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and when you are outside of your comfort zone your patience and resourcefulness can be tested.

travel makes one modest

This short list of 7 tips will help keep you on track for a happy trip:

1.Review your itinerary thoroughly. Aside from your attitude, this is the one thing on a trip you can control. As soon as your program is in place, do a thorough run through of the arrangements to ensure all of your dates, transfers and tours are in place, and that you have all of your important documents. This includes making sure your passport is in good condition and valid at least six months beyond your scheduled return date.

2. Cross-pack. When traveling with a companion, start your trip off with peace of mind that if one of the checked bags happens to not show, you still have half of your things. And always keep essentials in your carry-on.  Outside of medicine, this might include your bathing suit if you’re going to a tropical destination, and/or comfortable walking shoes so you aren’t sidelined from exploring.

3. Pack a scarf. This lightweight versatile piece works overtime for warmth, coverage in sacred places, and to dress up an outfit.

4. Pack a snack. Don’t get hangry. Hungry travelers can be angry travelers, so keep your mood steady by always having a light snack on hand. Something with protein is ideal. A sure way to ruin a trip is to blow something out of proportion when a pack of peanuts was really all you needed.

5. Be flexible. Travel is mostly amazing, but in all of its glory it can be unpredictable. We encourage you to grab each experience by the moment, and roll with it. Try to keep it all in perspective and avoid being a complainer. After all, time spent stressing is time lost enjoying, so find comfort knowing there is always a solution to be had. And often it starts with just being cool.

6. Recognize your impact. When you travel you have the potential to make the world a better place. Not only is your money spent stimulating the local economy by providing jobs and creating a means for education, but it is a giant step towards awareness and tolerance of the myriad of ways to live. Better yet? Connect with a local cause and continue to give back when you’re home.

7. Always remember… The ability to travel is a privilege, and the key to having a truly magical vacation is to always travel with an open mind and open heart. You’ll do more than just see places, you’ll experience them to the fullest.


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