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Solo Traveler Savings

img_5427Your relationship status doesn’t have to dictate your ability to travel and see the world.  No matter how loving your spouse, or how big your circle of friends,  traveling on your own gives you the unique opportunity to indulge in your own interests, meet new people, and step outside of your comfort zone for personal growth.

The issue, however, is that traveling solo can mean paying a single supplement so it can get costly.  The key is to be a savvy consumer and keep your eyes out for special promotions that waive the single supplement for cruises and/or organized tours.  Another option is to travel during off-peak (shoulder) seasons when you aren’t paying premium.

Sail solo!


River and ocean cruise companies are stepping up their game to appeal to single travelers. Here is a sample of a few select sailings that are offering a great value for single travelers (this is a very small sample of MANY options!):

Uniworld  is waiving the single supplement on select 2017 sailings


Ama Waterways is offering special pricing on select 2017 itineraries


Zegrahm Expeditions is waiving the single supplement on select 2017 and 2018 sailings


Star Clippers


Contact us Town & Country Travel at (805) 495-9888 for more information on great deals for independent, solo and single travelers, or complete the form below:

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