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Tigers, Trains, Temples & Palaces: India in Full Color

Faces_Umaid Bhawan

“Pinch me. This can’t possibly be real.”

That surreal feeling was a recurring theme of a recent trip to India where Town & Country’s president and owner, Jane Lee Winter, and her husband Larry recently returned from 2 weeks in India with a small group of intrepid travelers seeking the best India has to offer.

Rich, and ancient history. Over-the-top hospitality. Vibrant colors and decadent cuisine. Two weeks was hardly enough time to savor all of India’s flavors, but everyone came home feeling more than satisfied, and with eyes WIDE open to a world that is so different from what us Westerners are so accustomed to.  “We were not on vacation, we were on a journey,” said Jane Lee.

The adventure began in Mumbai with a two-night stay at the famed Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai,

Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

and was followed by two nights in Khana, Pradesh at the Banjaar Tola luxury safari lodge.

The mission was to see the elusive Bengal Tiger, but there is never a guarantee it will be accomplished. If you were  a betting person you would’ve won big on this one.  There was not only a sighting, but it was up close…and exhilarating!

Then it was on to Delhi for the temples, rickshaws, markets and tombs.

Finally it was time to board one of the world’s most luxurious trains: the Maharajas Express, which would be home for the next three nights.

The train is an experience by itself as guests feel transported back in time to a rich princely era. As  you pass the spectacular landscape you see a land of contrasts with an itinerary that included a tiger safari, a visit to the Taj Mahal and miles of spectacular countryside landscape and civilization.

Life in living color was experienced to the fullest during the Holi celebration, or Festival of Colors, in Jodhpur.  It was celebrated with the maharaja (the King of Jodhpur) at his sprawling home in the Umaid Bhawan Palace, where the group stayed for 2 nights.  Holi is one of the most significant Hindu events in Northern India and is when participants color each other with dry colored powder and colored water.  It’s messy and you have to scrub a little extra to get clean, but the story is sure to dazzle at any cocktail party for years to come!

Sunburn or Holi aftermath?

Sunburn or Holi aftermath?

As if the Festival of Colors wasn’t dramatic enough, the final crescendo of this magical visit to India was in Udaipur, at the Taj Lake Palace.  Among all of the many wonderful things about this property, you can dine with this view of the shore as you watch water taxis taking guests to and from this spectacular palace hotel on the lake…

A trip to India wouldn’t be complete without a special gallery featuring the spectacular colors and faces of India’s beautiful people


Should a journey to India be on your travel Bucket List, we would love to help you make it happen, featuring the best the country has to offer.

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