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How to Get Treated Like a VIP

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Fine properties, Signature Amenities

The simplest and shortest answer to “how do I get treated like a VIP at a hotel?” (assuming you are not a celebrity of course) is to book with a travel agent.  The better answer, however, is to book your stay with an agency that is a member of a travel network such as Signature Travel Network, and here’s why:

  • Buying power. Each of the 200+ individual member agencies combine to make one very strong buyer.  To clients this translates into perks, incentives and upgrades that could never be achieved if the client were to go at it alone.
  • Perks, incentives and upgrades. This is where you want to pay attention! Amenities are subject to vary by hotel property, but the standard Signature amenities feature complimentary breakfast during your stay, a spa and/or food and beverage credit averaging $100, a welcome amenity such as a bottle of wine and/or cheese plate, and subject to availability: complimentary upgrades, early check-in and late check-out.
  • High quality. Any hotel, cruise or tour operator that is a member of the Signature Travel Network has been vetted by industry professionals to ensure a particularly high standard of quality. This is quality that cannot be qualified in the same way, for example, as strangers and “commoners” on travel forums such as TripAdvisor.  There is just no good way to gauge others level of quality and comfort relative to yours, where a travel professional does it for a living!
  • Value.  You might just maybe get a (marginally) better rate if you try to book a hotel, cruise or tour alone, but when you factor in the Signature amenities and assurance of special treatment, you can be sure you aren’t going to get the bargain room that no one wants because you tried to save a few bucks.  You simply can’t beat the value of our Signature amenities.

The end result is that you will not be treated as “just another guest.”   The VIP treatment our clients receive is carried from our office across your entire travel itinerary; through every hotel, tour and cruise booked with our Signature Travel Network partners.  And this can make all of the difference in your vacation – from a value AND ultimate experience perspective.

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