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Europe is on Sale!


        La Posta Vecchia Hotel, Rome, Italy

Who doesn’t love a great bargain on a high value experience? We’ll offer this tip: Take advantage NOW of the comparatively low Euro to the Dollar.

For sake of this commentary, we’re going to leave out the economics and politics that are behind the weakening Euro and the strengthening Dollar and just be genuinely excited about the fact that now is a GREAT time to visit Europe! This translates to you as a fabulous opportunity to make this the year you take that river cruise, go wine tasting in Tuscany, take a tapas tour in Barcelona, go truffle hunting in France, or visit every castle in Germany.

Whether you are able to travel this year or not, here are a couple of suggestions to help you maximize the low currency for whenever you plan to visit:

1) Pay in advance.  Let’s face it, the market is unpredictable.  Since no one can tell how long the Euro will stay low, you might want to consider making an investment now by paying in advance to take advantage of this “sale.”  If you book now and pay now, you will have secured the rates at what they are, well, now.

2) Don’t wait to book!  As much as we’d like to think we here at Town & Country Travel are the only ones who know about the exchange rates, we’re not, and lots of other people worldwide will have interest in many of the same fabulous tours, cruises and hotels you do.  So before the most desirable options fill up, get your reservation made now to avoid disappointment.

3) Buy currency now. Who knew spending money could go on sale too? You will get the best value for your dollar if you exchange your Dollars for Euros sooner than later, and not wait until it’s time for your trip.

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