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To be a Smart Traveler is to be Savvy Packer

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Pack smart. Pack light!

You consider yourself a pretty smart traveler: you have all of the travel apps, learn a few key phrases in the native language of the places you visit, all of your carry-on liquids are 3.4 ounces and fit in a single one-quart bag, and you’re great about going with the flow because you know that some of the best adventures happen when you least expect it.

Your downfall, however, is packing.  You find joy in envisioning yourself donning your new bathing suit on a sun drenched beach (ladies), or looking dapper in that tailored sport coat (gentlemen). You take pride in making sure to include layers and options so you’re prepared for anything. The less than enjoyable part happens when all of those said ‘layers and options’ causes your suitcase to overflow before you’ve even had a chance to buy a single souvenir.  Ladies and gentlemen let us remind you: to be a smart traveler is to be savvy packer.  Here are a few tips that our resident expert travel planners recommend:

  • “Limit your options to colors that all coordinate; like white, blue and black.  Not only to resist the urge to over-pack, but it’s easy to mix-n-match and you can be more flexible with everything in your suitcase from the shirt to the shoes.” ~ Cindy Cromwell, Vacation Planner
  • “Always pack a scarf.  You can use it to dress up an outfit, as a layer for warmth, or to cover shoulders to enter holy places.”  ~ Karla Skoog, CTC, Vacation Planner
  • “If you are traveling with a companion, split your items between suitcases. This way in the event one bag doesn’t make it with the others, everyone still has something to wear.” ~ Carolyn Durup, Vacation Planner
  • “Bring old underwear and throw as you go!”  ~ Rachael Brusseau, CTC, Vacation Planner
  • “Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on. This way whether you spill something on your outfit or your checked bag goes missing, you will have something to change in to.  And hopefully it goes without saying, but keep all essential items such as medications with you!”  ~ Blanca Echeverria, CTE, Vacation Planner
  • “Scan and make photocopies of important documents such as passports, visas and birth certificates. Take one set of copies with you and leave a set at home with a family member. Also have the scanned copies secured and accessible on your electronic device; tablet or phone.”  ~ Jane Lee Winter, CTE, Owner & President of Town & Country Travel

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